Warm and Cosy Winters

There are two types of people in this world. The ones that love rain and the ones that have yet to realize that they love rain. The lovely rainy days, with the wet smell, raindrops against your window, the idea of having all day lounging at home on those rainy and grey days. 

We all love those cosy and warm Sundays when its drizzling outside and you don't need to be anywhere else other than the warmth and comfort of your own home. 

We offer a hugely attractive and versatile collection of blankets that serve as a perfect home accessory to make your life at home that extra bit comfortable. These gorgeous blankets can also be personalised and make a perfect gift for friends or family!  

We have a huge variety of colours to choose from; to suit every one’s personal style and preference! Ranging from Charcoal to Wine, our blankets have a matching trim colour and is made of 100% Anti-Pil Lambskin Fleece, feeling like cashmere but completely machine-washable to make your life easier! 

There is no better way to sit back, relax and appreciate life than wrapped up in a warm and cosy blanket; to make you feel the warmth of your own home. Comfort not only helps you feel happier, but will impact your personal and professional life as tough as it can get sometimes.  

However you like to spend you spare time, it is important to have your personal time and it in the most comfortable way! 

If you are looking for new comfort and want to make your time that extra bit special. We at Nordic snug, have the perfect thing for you to help achieve this.  

Our favourite original snug is the perfect blanket for you! A gorgeous one of the kind bespoke blanket for individuals. A blanket made out of Anti-Pil Lambskin Fleece, feeling like cashmere but is fully machine-washable. A perfect way to relax snuggled up in this gorgeous blanket that comes in a huge variety of colours ranging from charcoal to wine with matching trim colours. And if you want to make your blanket that extra bit special, we have personalisation available for you! Nordic Snug can add either a name or a message embroidered in a thread colour of your choice!  

This blanket can be enjoyed all year round … whether in the chilly summer evenings or the cold winter days. It makes the ideal gift. Pair the luxurious and bath soft blanket with an amazing book or a holiday movie that you can watch with the family.  

Choose from the array of luxe colours to match your home; keeping your home décor accessories on point with the perfect essential soft –to –the -touch blankets. 

At Nordic Snug, we believe that the gift of a personalized (embroidered initials ) original snug can bring so much joy and happiness, as well as practicality, warmth and cosiness. We are certain you, or your loved ones will love this gorgeous Nordic blanket as much we do. 

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