Slow Living

It is always important to remember to take some time to lay back and relax in all the chaos and the action in your public life… take a deep breath and relax! Choose to take a moment for yourself and choose a few moments of peace, quiet and most of all warmth and comfort. 

It’s easy to get carried away in the fast and hectic way of living which after a couple of year living through a global pandemic, may be exactly what you are looking for after spending so much time in our homes and living a slow life. A fast-paced environment resembles a chaotic nature, but slowing down once in a while enables you to enjoy life to the fullest and allows you to count your blessings and be grateful for family, friends and life itself. 

There is no better way to sit back, relax and appreciate life than wrapped up in a warm and cosy blanket; to make you feel the warmth of your own home. Comfort not only helps you feel happier, but will impact your personal and professional life as tough as it can get sometimes.  

However you like to spend you spare time, it is important to have your personal time and it in the most comfortable way! 

If you are looking for new comfort and want to make your time that extra bit special. We at Nordic snug, have the perfect thing for you to help achieve this.  

Our favourite original snug is the perfect blanket for you! A gorgeous one of the kind bespoke blanket for individuals. A blanket made out of Anti-Pil Lambskin Fleece, feeling like cashmere but is fully machine-washable. A perfect way to relax snuggled up in this gorgeous blanket that comes in a huge variety of colours ranging from charcoal to wine with matching trim colours. And if you want to make your blanket that extra bit special, we have personalisation available for you! Nordic Snug can add either a name or a message embroidered in a thread colour of your choice!  

Don’t miss out on Nordic Snug bespoke blankets and order now! 

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