Jubilee Weekend

 The UK has a very exciting holiday coming up just next week. We are all going to be celebration Queen Elizabeth’s II’s Platinum Jubilee. There will be so many events taking place around the whole country to celebrate and commemorate the Queen being the UK’s longest reigning monarch. Everyone is looking forward to a long weekend, celebrating with family and friends, whether you will be going to a street party, an event, celebrating in your garden or travelling to London to celebrate. As most of you already know, there will be fantastic celebrations taking place at Buckingham Palace and all over London.

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Whatever you decide to do, you will have a huge amount of fun celebrating Queen Elizabeth and having the best long weekend. Although travelling into London sounds like great fun, I know that most of us will be spending the weekend at street parties, celebrating with all their neighbours, family and friends. The perfect way to get the whole family involved. The kids will always have company with all the other kids from your street and you will enjoy yourself chatting and catching up with neighbours.

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed for good weather so that we can keep our spirits high during the weekend. However, you should always be prepared for some chilly weather when planning on spending the majority of the day outside.
We, at Nordic Snug, have the perfect item for you to make sure you are prepared for the coming long weekend. An Original Snug is the perfect cosy and warm blanket to get you through the chilly evening. Offering a rich collection and a hugely versatile range of blankets that serve a wonderful luxurious outdoor accessory that will get your neighbours talking and wanted one too! The perfect conversation starter. And if you have little kids to take care of, this is a must-have item to have to ensure you are prepared when they get a little cold.
Nordic Snug The Original Snug

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be prepared for the Jubilee Weekend coming up. As long as you are prepared we know that you and your family will have the best long weekend, making lots of memories!

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