How to create a happier workspace at home

We live in interesting times and the reality is that more and more of us are working from home. Our home always helps, it is our fortress and it is good to adapt it to the current conditions, so that it is more comfortable and pleasant for us while working from home. Whatever challenge comes, the world keeps going.

Here are some key ways to consider to make working from home better, more enjoyable and of course, more efficient.

The pandemic has caused some of us to work from the kitchen table with the laptop, and when you add kids learning from home, the chaos is on another level and you can never get as much work done as you would like. Take back control and allocate a working space for you so that you don’t get distracted by the kids coming home from school. 

We have put together a few factors that you may want to take into consideration when creating a happier workspace for you!

It is also important to designate a sufficient workplace for you to place all your essentials and not get distracted easily. If you have a spare room that's quiet and provides peace of mind for a meeting, a phone call, or just more serious work that requires concentration; this is the ideal space for you when working from home. Consider getting yourself a big enough desk for everything you need to avoid getting up constantly to fetch essentials you need during the day.

It is very important to choose the most comfortable office chair. It's worth investing in a good chair to save yourself backaches later.

Noise and vibrations - unfortunately, when it comes to working from home there are some things that you cannot change. For example if you have noisy neighbours, someone is constantly repairing, and you have a conference call it can be very distracting. The difference is that in offices, special attention is paid to sound insulation - it is not by chance that thick carpets are used, some have additional sound-insulating panels. A thick carpet and curtains would go some way to absorb the unwanted noises.

Lighting - at home we have more control over lighting. It is good for provide yourself with a natural light in your workspace so that it is not blaring and annoying your eyes all day, also, it is important to have a desk lamp to ensure the perfect amount of light over any paperwork!

Another factor, that you may not have taken into consider before, is the temperature of the room- Temperature, air movement, ventilation - the optimal working temperature is considered to be 22 degrees, although it is a matter of personal preference. At home, we have more control over this factor. There are times where may get a little chilly. When you get chilly, the perfect thing to do is to grab a throw blanket and wrap yourself up warm in it!

 At Nordic Snug, we have the perfect blanket for you; for those days where you get a little chilly and you need to warm yourself up while working all day at a desk at home. 

At Nordic Snug, we have our gorgeous Original Nordic Snug. We offer a hugely attractive and versatile personalised blanket that serves as a wonderful luxurious indoor or outdoor accessory in homes, on the sporting fields or as a corporate promotional gift. There is a variety of blanket colours to choose from ranging from Charcoal to Wine with matching trim colour. Either a name or message can be added in a variety of thread colours. All blankets come in a standard size of 140cm x 180cm. The blanket is made of 100% Anti-Pil Lambskin Fleece, feeling like cashmere but are fully machine-washable.

Not only do we create bespoke blankets for individuals, but we also offer the option to create blankets to match your company’s logo/branding with a wide variety of blanket colors and trim to choose from- this way you can feel more at work, rather than at home. And sometimes on those days in the office you can bring your work branded blanket and let all your coworkers want to get one to match too!

With our Original Snug  you can choose the fleece color, trim color, embroidery thread color and embroidery font style! Create a blanket like no other, that is just for you!

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