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Have you every been completely stuck on a gift for a  birthday, wedding, or any special event. There has always been pressure to choose or find the perfect gift that your special someone will love. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes it can be difficult to choose a unique gift that isn't generic and is different to what you have got them before! Sometimes you don't even have enough time to think about the perfect gift and it's a stressful process to get the gift just right. 

You want to go for a gift that they will want to use and get a lot of use out of, a gift that they will love and always think about you when they use or wear. When gifting something to a family member or a loved one, presentation is always goes the extra mile. A nice handwritten card or a beautiful gift box with some flowers (for the girls) is always appreciated and makes that special someone really feel the love and will make them feel that extra bit appreciated. 

We at Nordic Snug are here to help you pick out the perfect gift that works for anyone and everyone. A gorgeous Nordic Snug blanket is something that will always make a statement. Take your gift-giving to a whole new level with an impressive present of a timeless Nordic Snug blanket.

Your personalized blanket will become a cherished and everlasting possession. This will be the gift that they will treasure forever and be the wow-factor you are going for when it comes to your gift idea. A person who receives a Nordic Snug blanket as a gift will always remember you and the positive memories they share with you every time they use their blanket!

Have a look at some of the gorgeous Nordic Blankets we have that will make the perfect gift!

Having a present customized for the receiver will show the thought and care you placed in selecting the item you can customize presents in various ways, depending on what the item is and what it has been made out of. For example, if you choose the gift of a Nordic Snug blanket you can personalize it with a message or name or logo of your choice, to make your gift that extra bit special.

A personalised gift is always treasured forever. Ordinary gifts, like chocolates or flowers are easily forgotten, but a personalised gift will always be remembered and kept. A person who receives a personalised gift will always remember you and the positive memories they share with you every time they see or use the gift. It also shows that you know the individual very well and have made a great effort to ensure that the gift I something they will adore, love and always get use out of.

These types of gifts are always valued when it comes to gifting to a partner, as they show the amount of the love and care that has gone in the gift itself. Regardless of whether you are searching for presents for him or presents for her, a customized present will make a memorable gift to show your love and affection.

This unique personalised blanket will make it truly cosy. You can personalise this gorgeous blanket yourself by adding initials or a message of your choise. A unique surprise for a housewarming, perfect addition to a loved one's bedroom or living room or as a treat for yourself. This Nordic Snug blanket offers cosiness and a way to keep your loved ones close.

Your Original Snug can be personalised in thread colours, trim colours, fleece colours and font styles of your choice. A blanket doesn’t have just one purpose, it is a multi-functional item. An amazing present that also adds life and a personal touch to any room. A present that you can throw over your bed or a couch, drape the blanket over a backrest or fold up and place in the corner of the room. It will always catch someone’s eye!

How to personalise your very own fleece blanket-

  • Choose your fleece colour from a huge range of different colours and nuances.
  • Choose your trim colour from our huge range of different trim colours.
  • Choose your embroidery thread colour.
  • Pick your embroidery font style from Block or Script render font.
  • Add the embroidery text that you would like on you bespoke fleece Nordic Snug. Whether that is a single initial, a name or a message of your choice.
  • Lastly, pick the layout of your text, initial or name.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create an everlasting gift or to make someone smile with Nordic Snug personalized gifts!

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