Garden parties and outdoor entertainment

Garden parties and outdoor entertainment

As summer nights draw nearer and the sun stays out for longer, you’ll find you and your friends daydreaming about those unforgettable BBQ’s and garden parties from the past. The kind where friends and family all get together for a good laugh in the garden. In your green lawns with blue skies and the sun shining all day long. There’s no reason why these memories should be relived and they will be. Regardless of the size of your outdoor space – whether you have a small patio out the front, or a large lawn out the back – there are so many ways to throw an unforgettable garden party that your friends and family will be daydreaming about for many months ahead.

What makes a good garden party?

Thoughtful decoration

Nordic Snug Garden Party Warm Blanket

When it comes to decoration, it’s the little things that count. You can never go wrong with fairy lights for when the sun sets and you want to continue the party. Floor cushions for everyone to get comfy. An ice bucket to keep drinks cool and pleasant. Blankets for when its gets cold is also key. We at Nordic Snug have the perfect thing for you.

A cosy and warm blanket that your guests will appreciate when it gets a little chillier in the evening. We offer a hugely attractive and versatile personalised blanket that serves as a wonderful luxurious outdoor accessory in homes. The best thing is that you can use this gorgeous Nordic Snug Original Snug indoors as well for when you want a chilled and comfy evening. There is no need to go overboard, but your friends and family will appreciate the little thought into making your garden party that extra bit memorable.

Nordic Snug Blanket Family Kids

Good food

This is a very key thing when it comes to your outdoor entertainment. As long as there is something suitable for everyone; you’re a winner. Take into consideration food allergies and food preferences. A little tip; you can never go wrong with pizza and healthy snacks for the kids.

Entertainment for the kids

When it comes to summer garden parties, everyone (who has kids) wants to be able to bring them along; which of course means that you have to take them into consideration also. We have the perfect thing. A Nordic Snug, picnic snug; a water-resistant and bespoke colourful picnic snug. This is the perfect accessory for your outdoor entertainment. The children will have somewhere comfy to sit with friends and be able to play without getting dirty or cold. This picnic snug comes in a variety of different colours for you to choose from.

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