Festival Season is almost here!

2022 sees the return of our beloved UK music festivals that we have so greatly missed; from Glastonbury to Wilderness and everything in between. And what better accessory to have at your chosen festival than one of our Picnic Snugs. With their warm, soft fleece side which can be personalised not only by colour choice but also with any name or initial, and contrasting with a water-resistant backing to avoid any wet bottoms, it seems like a no-brainer. 

After all these months cooped up at home, it’s time to get out and seize what life throws your way whether that is a wild music festival or a cosy picnic in your garden with your family – whatever you choose your trusty Nordic Snug blanket will put you in good stead for a great time. It’s also very soft, cosy material for your pooch to curl up on after a run around with the family. 

Anyway, as with all UK activities one must always be prepared for wet weather, hence our idea was born for the personalised picnic blanket. With Glastonbury festival fast approaching, the weather is on everyone’s mind – will it be a scorcher or will it pour with magnificent rain? Either way, we are going prepared this year with one of our very own personalised picnic blankets with our name – Nordic Snugs – embroidered across it. We’re thinking of choosing the bright pink water-resistant backing with a bright fleece blanket colour as a statement, because as the saying goes, ‘When in Rome…’. 

But if music festivals or picnics aren’t your thing, there are so many other festivals to enjoy at this time of the year. You’ve got the famed Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in August for you arty creative folk, Paul Ainsworth’s Travelling Feast in Cornwall for all you foodies out there, End of the Road Festival in September for the more alternative few, Aerial in the Lake District for those creative folks and finally Love Supreme, which yes technically is a big music festival but more for the gentler soul and focused all around Jazz, and who doesn’t love a little bit of Jazz every now and then? 

So, whichever one you decide to choose and whether you take a personalised blanket or not, there are many great wonders to enjoy in the UK this summer. Just remember to pack for the weather as you never not what you might get!

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