Blanket Gifts for people who are Always Cold

From the promise of picnics to snuggling up by the fire, we’re partial to the idea that blankets make some of the most original, thoughtful, and cozy gift ideas. We all know someone who always complains that they are cold, even in the warmest of months. More women than men have this tendency, especially on those chilly evenings, women’s feet are bound to get cold… even in the slightest. A gift is a symbol of gratitude, care and love! Each of us put a lot of effort into choosing a perfect present. Apart from the symbolism, not only the sentiment is important, but also the purpose.

The original Snug is a gift that your someone special is bound to love! For starters, it’s extremely soft to touch with a huge variety of colours from which to choose. As cosy as ideas go, it also captures a perfect blend of personal and practical. For a blanket gift that the recipient is sure to get a lot of use out of, this original blanket is an excellent choice for your loved one that always gets cold! 

This blanket can be enjoyed all year round … whether in the chilly summer evenings or the cold winter days. It makes the ideal gift. Pair the luxurious and bath soft blanket with an amazing book or a holiday movie that you can watch with the family.  

Choose from the array of luxe colours to match your home; keeping your home décor accessories on point with the perfect essential soft –to –the -touch blankets. 

At Nordic Snug, we believe that the gift of a personalized (embroidered initials ) original snug can bring so much joy and happiness, as well as practicality, warmth and cosiness. We are certain you, or your loved ones will love this gorgeous Nordic blanket as much we do. 

Don’t miss out on our one-of-the kind original Snug, again, the perfect gifts which also can have personalisationadded to each blanket. Have a browse on our website atNordic Snug. Take advantage of our 10% discount for first time buyers and, of course, keep an eye out for some juicy deals in the following months. 

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