Best Blankets for 2022

Staying warm and stylish became something of a super-trend in 2021 and it shows no sign of slowing down this year. Having a great selection of beautiful blankets at your disposal is now no different to having a coveted collection of must-have handbags or vertiginous heels that just look great in your walk-in wardrobe. 

After a couple of years at home, we have gotten used to the life at home; some of us work from home and some of us enjoy nights in. When you’re spending more time at home, is it really so unusual to have a multitude of cosy and warm blankets at your disposal? It just makes sense to make our time at home feel as comfortable and indulgent as possible.  

We offer a hugely attractive and versatile collection of blankets that serve as a perfect home accessory to make your life at home that extra bit comfortable. These gorgeous blankets can also be personalised and make a perfect gift for friends or family!  

We have a huge variety of colours to choose from; to suit every one’s personal style and preference! Ranging from Charcoal to Wine, our blankets have a matching trim colour and is made of 100% Anti-Pil Lambskin Fleece, feeling like cashmere but completely machine-washable to make your life easier! 

As we go into Spring and the warmer months that we so anxiously have been waiting for, we are all starting to make plans and get excited for the warm weather; whether that’s family barbeques, nice long walks, picnics or spending more time in our gardens, we have the perfect Original Snug with water-resistant backing to create a bespoke, colourful Picnic snug. This is the perfect snug to take everywhere with you! A perfect and cosy solution for picnics with your family! Available in an array of colours from dark lilac to charcoal melange to pastel pink; we have beautiful colours, perfect for everyone. With the option of personalisation to add your personal touch!  

This original snug makes a perfect gift; choose from the multitude of colours and an optional extra- leather bridle carrying straps to make carrying this stunning snug so much easier and most importantly… stylish! 

Have a look at our gorgeous collection, whether you are shopping for yourself or as a gift, you are at the right place!

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